2015-May-21 Wellesley Celebrations recap; Scoop planning

Song: "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"

Wellesley Celebrations –  Gross revenue $2,313 less 250 – 200 - 90 = $1,700-1,800 estimated net. One of the best turnouts that we've ever had. Hot dogs sold out by 8 PM. Thank you to everyone who helped out. 
Scholarships for Keefe Tech – Confirmed: 3 scholarships: 1 for $2,000; 2 for $1,000 for tools. The Senior Awards Night ceremony will be held on Wednesday night, June 3rd at 6:30 pm in the Keefe Tech Auditorium. Lyman to make up certificate and instructions for presentation. 
Scoopapalooza – Sponsorship contributions as of today: $2,750. Advertising deadline is May 25th. Truly Yogurt is sponsoring; will donate product; Christine is working with them on the ad; will get a table; need copy of their BOH Certificate (out of town vendors only). Hammond is working on the ad page for the booklet. Will we have 8 vendors? How distribute product donations? How much of the Common do we have? Current Farmer's Market takes space up to the gazebo. Need to know how much power vendors need? Lyman to dig up picture of power box. Ice truck is reserved and 150 lbs. of ice. Baskin Robbins and Truly Yogurt are confirmed product donations. Roche Bros. is TBD. Board of Health application – Tiffany has it and will send to Bob. Publicity – Time to order date signs for lawn signs and banner over Main St. plus one in front of church lawn. Caitlyn will design and Hank will find a printer. Banner hanging is approved by town. Press Release – Went out; Jon will help with media portion. PSA – Randy at Pegasus said he would update last year's for this year. Lawn sign distribution – about 2 weeks before event, e.g., June 13th. Fliers – Tiff will send to Christine. Social Media – Christine is working on it. SPARK has a separate event just before Scoop. Will be giving out ice cream certificates for Scoop. 
Happy Dollars: [I am sure that they were good!]
Attendees: Bob, Christine, Fred, Gary, George, Gina, Hank, Jon, Lyman, Neill, Peter.