2015-May-28 Keefe Tech Awards Night; Scoop Planning

Song: "America the Beautiful"

Scholarships for Keefe Tech – The Senior Awards Night ceremony will be held on Wednesday night, June 3rd at 6:30 pm in the Keefe Tech Auditorium. Lyman & Jon will represent the club. Other members are invited to attend. This is one of our two major donations of the year. 
CRR Installation – Proposed for Friday, June 19th. Location T.B.D. Alternate date is second week of July. 
Wellesley Celebrations: $1,805 net after expenses received. George still has a receipt or two to submit. 
Scoopapalooza: Tilly & Salvy's Bacon Street Farm is now a sponsor. Neill reported on the total revenue to-date. Christine has list of vendors that have not paid. We have a number of new sponsors this year. Who else wants/needs a table? Tables – Lyman will talk to Jon Marshall about getting tables. Tiff is awaiting proofs on banner in next few days. Still waiting for a couple of major sponsors to drop off their checks; won't put name on banner until get checks. Hank is in contact with Randy at Pegasus re: PSA. Christine to send updated PDF of flier to Jon. Board of Health application – Bob is working on it; needs name and address of each purveyor; if out of town, need Serve Safe certificate showing that they have taken course. We have three out of town ice cream vendors. Should send nice thank you letter to them. Electricity – We have the ability to plug two 120v into one 240v. Belkin & JP Licks were the only two that need 220v. Lyman to ask Belkin again how much amperage and/or watts they need. Need picture of plug from JP Licks sent to Lyman & Bob. How many spoons are at Gary's?; Gary to check. Orange Leaf – Their product is given out pre-packaged; how slow down distribution so that they don't run out? Could use different colored ticket just for Orange Leaf so that it is one per person. 
Happy Dollars: Tiff – for Scoop looking in good shape and for upcoming installation. Jon – for healthy profit from WD. Ed – to be here; sorry late; need raffle ticket. Bob to see Ed here; to see two grandchildren that hasn't seen in a year; for wife who is praying for rain after planting over weekend. George – for Memorial Day weekend; made it through honey-do list; lots taken to dump. Christine – to see Ed; for a long list of sponsors and volunteers. Gary – for long weekend opening up camp; lots of help from kids and family. Neill – for stump project; they are much larger than the trees that were there. Peter – for so many happy members here. Lyman – for upcoming birthday for daughter; countdown to end of school—everyone is happy about it. 
Raffle: Lyman won the can of mixed nuts. 
Attendees: Bob, Christine, Ed, Gary, George, Jon, Lyman, Neill, Peter, Tiffany.