2015-Jun-05 Keefe Tech Awards; CRR Installation; Scoopapalooza

Song: "Happy Days Are Here to Stay"

Scholarships for Keefe Tech – The Senior Awards Night ceremony will be held on Wednesday night, June 3rd at 6:30 pm in the Keefe Tech Auditorium. Lyman & Jon will represent the club. Other members are invited to attend. This is one of our two major donations of the year. 
CRR Installation – Proposed for Friday, June 19th. Location T.B.D. Alternate date is second week of July. 
Natick Friends of the 4th has invited CRR to sell hot dogs and then make a donation to the cause. Club voted to NOT participate. June 30th, 4:30-7:30.
Scoopapalooza: Neill distributed a report showing paid sponsorships. Gina (via text)– Will have band for Scoop; has check from Hammond; will bring next week. +++ Health Permits – In town vendors are covered; out of town vendors must provide their BOH certificate and Serve Safe Certificates - JP Licks, Baskin Robbins, Truly Yogurt. +++ Electric Power – Need to know what power JP Licks needs. Lyman has been in contact with Jon Marshall; we will meet early in the week before the event to do a "walk-thru" on the Common; will discuss tables then. Christine has a commitment from the downtown church for tables again. Will use orange cones to mark vendor spaces (Lyman). Optica is out. Is our Main St. sign ready? Booklet – there are a couple of vendor stragglers. Christine passed around a list of committed vendors by donor level. Roche Bros is in for ice cream and sandwiches; do they have portable freezer? Santander Bank – good conversation with them. Little Bits Toys – Could they contribute some toys as something for kids to do? 
Happy Dollars: Bob – That cold weather is over. George – for trip to Kennedy office today. Gary – Granddaughter graduated from Landmark and she won several awards. Neill – for youngest daughter coming up for granddaughter's graduation and family will be together. Peter – for picking up Marisa later this morning. Christine for Scoopapalooza. 
Attendees: Bob, Christine, Gary, George, Jon, Lyman, Neill, Peter.