2015-Jun-11 Speaker: David Ostrowsky, author of "Game Over or Game On?"

Song: "God Bless America"

Christmas Party Planning – Bob has proposed the Wayside Inn for a Thursday night in December. The room minimum $800 (we should meet this easily). Assume that the club will contribute $13 per Rotarian in attendance toward defraying the cost. Bob will pick a Thursday in December. 
CRR Installation – Originally proposed for Friday, June 19th but some people will be unable to meet. Tiff and Jon will review calendars and find a new date in July. Tiffany will send out a Doodle pol with possible dates. 
Scoopapalooza Planning: Lawn sign assembly and distribution will be performed by Gary & Jon this weekend. +++ Banner patches will be ready for Main St. sign. +++ How many spoons do we have?--Gary will check today. +++ Bob has a call into Gordon Van Tassel about getting the banner up by 6/19. We will have a Natick Fire Engine for 1.5 hours; Selectmen will give us 9 parking spaces on the Common; a notice to Police dept. has been sent by Selectmen. How much dry ice? (150 lbs. last year.) Let's go to 200 lbs. +++ Tiff to go to Gary's to check inventory. Tables – Who is where?—Bob will assign using map. Set up time for vendors/table sponsors is 11:30. Table carriers?—Boy Scouts from Troop 1775 will be there at 11:30 for set up. Need good coordination between payments received and program guide ads. When is the deadline for ad copy—next Wednesday, 6/17. If no check by then, will not have ad in program guide. Gina: Band will play; how coordinate with woman who does the trampolines? --June & Gina will coordinate. 
Speaker: David Ostrowsky , author of "Game Over or Game On?" Lives here in Natick; works for Winter Wyman as a web writer. Book is about the lives of professional athletes after they leave the game. One of the main questions is, "How do you go from making a lot of money to your next career?" Many of these athletes have the resources to give back to their communities; they tend to be younger and have more energy to devote. Some could be good candidates to get involved in Rotary. 
Wellesley Rotary Club Installation – June 23rd, Tuesday night at 6 PM, dinner, Wellesley Community Center. George will attend but would like some company from our club. Social time begins at 5:30 PM. 
Happy Dollars: Tiff – for weekend at Mt. Washington Hotel in NH with dad for 70th b-day. Gina – youngest daughter graduated from Harvard. Ed – for June 11th –the day he tricked Trisha into marrying him! Christine - for guest speaker. David - for being here and meeting everyone. Bob – for going to see grandchild play saxophone in public soon. Neill – for being late; for daughter from NC who is visiting; for other daughter's oldest son graduating from Pembroke High; he plays cello but will be taking a break. George – for today's speaker; good to see Ed; to have good weather. Peter – to be present; thanks to our speaker. Gary – for Peter who will be joining him at Natick Food Pantry tonight; he always steps up to this task. Hank – for successful trip down south to pick up daughter who is now junior in college; also survived Disney and Universal—averaged 7 miles per day walking. Fred – for daughter and be able to see granddaughter; and back to FL soon. Jon – happy b-day to wife. 
Visitor: David Ostrowsky
Raffle: Gary won the raffle. 
Attendees: Bob, Christine, Ed, Gary, Gina, George, Hank, Jon, Lyman, Peter, Tiffany.