2015-Jun-18 Christmas Party Planning; Scoop Planning

Song: "God Bless America"

Christmas Party Planning – Confirmed for December 10th at the Wayside Inn. A poll of potential members = 13 expected. Assume that the club will contribute $13 per Rotarian in attendance toward defraying the cost. 
Scoopapalooza Planning: Insurance – Bob has completed the form. +++ Tiff has banner and will drop it off at the fire dept.  +++ There is a fee for use of the Common and opening up the electrical box. +++ Lawn signs are up now but we don't have enough. +++ Program Guide – A draft was passed around for review. +++ We have Health Certificates from everyone but not all Serve Safe certificates. +++ Lyman indicated that his firm will need a table at the event. +++ We will need cones to mark the vendor spaces. +++ Bouncy House – CRR will need to provide adult supervision. +++ Lyman to contacting Jon Marshall to set up "walk-thru" for next week. Band – would like to be in the Gazebo but it is currently reserved for the DJ. They could both share the space. +++ Face painting & tattooing is confirmed. +++ Boy Scout Troop 1775 will be there at 11:30 AM to assist with table & other set up. 
Wellesley Rotary Club Installation – June 23rd, Tuesday night at 6 PM, dinner, Wellesley Community Center. George will attend but would like some company from our club. Social time begins at 5:30 PM. 
Happy Dollars:  Tiff – for Ed's surgery. Christine – for Ed; today is 21st wedding anniversary; award for unsung hero at State House. Jon – for last day of school. Peter for any anniversary. Bob – for any anniversary. Gina – to be part of Rotary. George – for another nice day and to be together. Gary – happy anniversary to Christine. Hank – for 23rd anniversary on 6/6. Neill – for everyone. 
Raffle: Fred won the raffle of the book, "Game On or Game Over." 
Attendees: Bob, Christine, Gary, Gina, George, Hank, Jon, Lyman, Peter, Tiffany.