2015-May-14 Wellesley Celebrations, Scholarships, Scoopapalooza

Song: "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" (from Gigi)

Wellesley Celebrations – Sunday, May 17th: Jon, Ed & Neill will meet at Bob's office at 2:45 PM and then drive to Gary's house for 3:15 PM to pick up the remaining supplies. Neill will bring spare propane tank. Park on Washington St or in Whole Foods parking lot. Yellow shirts. 
Scholarships for Keefe Tech – Confirmed: 3 scholarships: 1 for $2,000; 2 for $1,000 for tools. The Senior Awards Night ceremony will be held on Wednesday night, June 3rd at 6:30 pm in the Keefe Tech Auditorium. Lyman to make up certificate and instructions for presentation. 
Scoopapalooza – Confirmed receipt of sponsorship from Connell & Curley Insurance. Neill will tally up amounts that have come in so far and bring to next meeting. Several other organizations are planning to sponsor. Is banner space reserved? Bob will contact the Police dept. Lyman will check with Jon Marshall to confirm that electric power box will be available. Who will contact Deb Sayre regarding the Scoop event occurring on the same day? Need to be sure that she and we have a good understanding of where everyone will be that day. Bob will check on marking chalk at Lowes. Will plan for 8 vendor spots on Common. Gina has a friend who is interested in Rotary who has a band. He may want to play at Scoop. Christine & Gina to discuss offline. Map/layout – Bob will use the same layout as last year. What ideas can we come up with to entertain the crowd while they wait for ice cream? Jugglers, clowns? 
Happy Dollars: [I am sure that they were good!]
Attendees: Bob, Christine, Fred, Gary, George, Gina, Hank, Jon, Lyman, Neill, Peter.