2015-Jun-25 Scoop Planning

Song: America the Beautiful (3rd verse)

Installation Celebration – Doodle poll indicates 7/16 or 7/23 as best dates; voted to hold on 7/23 at 6:30 PM; location to be determined; considering Bella Costa. 
Christmas Party – Voted not to hold a meeting on 12/23 due to holiday timing. 
President Elect – Need to elect one prior to 7/1; Jon volunteered to serve a two-year term; club nominated; voted and elected him as President-Elect for this year. 
Scoopapalooza Planning: 
Outhouses will be moved to Route 135 side of Common. 
Bags over parking meters – Lyman to pick up from Police Station at 9 AM on Sat. 
Orange cones – Recreation dept. to supply 30; Lyman to bring his (20) small cones. Reserved parking begins after handicap space on Park Street. 
Sponsor Tables – Will be dispersed along the lines for ice cream vendors: 
9 Vendor tables
3 Cash/ticket stations (Hank, Tiff & Lyman)
2 Face painting
1 Charles River Rotary
14 Sponsors
Lyman to request 16 tables from Recreation dept. 
Christine to request at least 16 from Common St. Church
Water station – Charge 50 cents for small bottle; $1 for large bottle; Lyman to pick up from Gary’s on Sat. morning along with buckets and coolers; Ice – Lyman to pick up 10 bags of ice. 
Registration Tables – Stamps—found; Ink – Gary to check; Pink spoons – Gary’s inventory combined with what Tiff purchased should be enough; Program booklets; Raffle tickets – will give one to each ticket buyer for Orange Leaf for pre-packaged product; will explain reason to customers that it is because it is a pre-packaged product. 
Freezer Trailer – Expected to arrive at 11:30 AM
Bouncy House – Expected to arrive at 11:30 AM 
Chairs – Bring your own along with an extra or two. 
Thermos of Hot Water – Neill will bring to meet the Health Dept. requirement
Liquid soap/hand sanitizer & gloves – Lyman to bring from his house. 
Napkins – Tiff to pick up; Gary has some too.
Pop up Tents – Gary has 3; Hank has ?
Weather – It is going to be a beautiful, sunny and probably hot day; volunteers should keep hydrated and seek shade as needed. 
Publicity – An article is expected in MW Daily News on Friday. 
Band – Expecting 5 piece; band and DJ will have to work out space in/out of Gazebo. 
Cell Phone Numbers – Be sure to have everyone’s # in your phone so that we can reach each other if needed. 
Name tags – Bring yours if you have one; Christine will bring some too. 
Boy Scouts – Will arrive at 11:30 to assist with tables
Meeting Times
9 AM Lyman at Police Station
10:30 Meet at Gary’s house to pick up supplies and load his van
10:30 Tiff will arrive on Common
10:30-11 – Volunteers should begin to arrive
Happy Dollars – George – for Jon joining him to attend the Rotary Club of Wellesley’s Installation Ceremony this past week; John Adams was installed; received letter from Wellesley Celebrations’ Committee thanking CRR for our participation and donation to the event. Ed – to be here; for best accident ever—with an axe; the axe caused the chest x-ray which revealed the spot which has now been removed. Gary – for Ed to be here. Hank – for Ed; will be in Denver next two weeks. Peter – for Ed; just goes to show you that every man needs an axe. Christine – for Ed; for all the work that Tiff has done on Scoop; for Jon signing up for 2 years; for an invitation to everyone to come back to her house after Scoop for a party. Tiff – for help on Scoop. Gina – to be a part of Rotary and Scoop. Jon – to be a part of Scoop and for Ed. Neill – to be a part of club and for feet hitting the floor again this morning. Bob – ditto. 
Attendees: Tiff, Jon, Peter, Hank, Gary, George, Bob, Lyman, Neill, Christine, Ed, and Gina.